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Lisa Blackler
Honesty Marketing

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Straightforward, straight talking marketing and communications consultancy, based in Northants and working nationally.

  • define your messages
  • develop a distinctive style (or brand!)
  • discover new opportunities
  • delight in more success

Whether you need to bring your branding more in line with your business personality, or you need to stand out from the crowd and attract more and better sales leads - Honesty Marketing can help. Working with experts in design, print, SEO and telemarketing, Honesty can plan and deliver an effective campaign tailored to your business and your aims. There is no generic solution, everything is planned around your requirements. I don't see marketing as an add-on, but an expression of the essence of your business, so it is important that I get to know you and what you do.

Whether you need new flyers or want to benefit from a comprehensive Virtual Marketing Director service running your campaigns and strategy, let's talk!

Of course it's all done with charm and humour - and 22 years' experience.

And if you still insist on doing your own marketing, let me give you some training to make it more effective.

About Lisa Blackler

I have a passion for communications and a talent for helping businesses identify the key messages and methods to reach their customers and prospects - and to get them to act! I have spent most of my life in marketing and advertising, working in industries including telecoms, television, the arts and children's activities.

I believe in honesty and integrity in business. With me there is no jargon, no bamboozling, no excuses. If I say I can do something I will do everything in my power to do it. I believe that your business has no need to exaggerate or mislead in its claims. After an initial consultation I will work with you to formulate the right plan for your individual aspirations and requirements, and then execute it.

I love sharing my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with people, so if you need a speaker for a event (marketing, branding, personal triumphs), or want to benefit from a marketing seminar (branding, unique selling point, defining your market), then get in touch!