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A CMS or Content Management System is used for the control and editing of content. Content includes electronic files, images and video based media, audio files, electronic documents and web text. The main concept behind a CMS is to make these files available for editing inter-office or over the Internet. A CMS is often used to archive documents as well. Many companies use a CMS to organise and store files in public form. Companies using a CMS can share content with others easily, as most systems are server based. In the case of Joomla it is a CMS based on a web server. A CMS being available on the Internet makes it available to you and your customers constantly and across the whole globe, so, long as there is Internet access. A Joomla CMS is one of the many Content Management Systems (CMS) that includes a "workflow process."

A "Workflow" process is the ability to move documents through a business process of approval. Some Content Management Systems provide the ability to control business flows and processes, like email alerts and automated business document flows. This is ideally a collaborative creation of documents. A CMS or document management system provides the business a way to control and publish to and from group of documents in a logical and organised manner, content, like images and mulitmedia items.

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Content Management System (CMS) websites by MAG Studios. We make custom content management systems and document management systems tailored to suit your business and your budget. CMS websites by MAG, servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Australia, New York, London, UK, USA, and India Delhi.