Clive Barwell TEP FCSI CFP (Wren Sterling)

Clive Barwell TEP FCSI CFP
Wren Sterling

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Wren Sterling was founded in 2007 and is a large, strong, national (UK-wide), independent financial advisory business. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering ever higher standards of uncompromised advice and solutions to our clients helping them to find a clear path in a crowded and often conflicted market. As well as our well-proven private client advisory business, we provide strategic employee benefit and corporate protection advice to some of the UK’s biggest corporate customers and SME’s, and our reputation for professionalism in our industry is second to none.


About Clive Barwell TEP FCSI CFP

Clive Barwell TEP CFP™ Chartered FCSI, accredited by the Society of Later Life Advisers, is the financial planning satellite navigation system for Grannies (and Grandpas). When I meet a Granny for the first time, I work out precisely where she is from a financial point of view and then I listen very carefully to what her hopes and concerns are for the future. This then enables me to plot a course for her and the key element of my service is then staying with Granny to keep her on that course and to help her avoid the financial obstacles that life tends to throw-up.

The families I have worked with since the 1970s have been delighted that their Granny has had a smooth path through the rest of her life, from a financial point of view, even if she has finished-up in care towards the end of that life. From their point of view, the most valuable part of my service is that Granny never had to stop and ask a stranger for directions again.

Don't you want the financial affairs of the senior members of your family to be looked after by someone hugely experienced and qualified with the highest possible ethical standards?