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Caroline Bramwell
Dandelion Clock Exhibitions

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We organise and promote events for clients, such as product launches, Awards nights, gala dinners, roadshows and conferences. We can organise UK and overseas site visits, food festivals and sporting events. It doesn't matter whether its a major exhibition with thousands of visitors, or the opening of a local office, our creative ideas and skills are adapted just for you.

Our exhibition stand design work also doesn't go unnoticed, with winning 'The Best Small Stand Award' for one of our clients two years on the trot, in a market they had never been in before!
To see how we could turn around your business, it's as simple as picking up for the phone for a chat. Let's connect and see where it can take you! Ring us on 01271 375393

About Caroline Bramwell

A qualified marketing professional, I love having a positive impact on our clients businesses. But after suffering serious illness over a number of years (which forced me to be house-bound), I have come out the other side of major surgery having to rebuild my business and recognising that life is for living! In addition to running an events company, and providing PR & marketing support to clients, I am also an Inspirational Speaker - sharing from my experiences, I am engaged by organistions to motivate their teams. The Devon & Cornwall Police in particular have engaged me to talk on 'Building Confidence' and 'Self Awareness'.

I have great ambitions... I have determination.... and I know that I have a positive impact on other people's organisations.