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John Scotcher
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17th Sep 2018
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20th Jan 2009
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  • Web site design and development
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The content management specialists
Custom designed by professional designers. Expand as your business grows. Intelligent solutions for your individual needs. Harvest e-mails, provide members areas, allow shopping, booking & much more. Run a unique and memorable site.
What does your website do for you?.
Websites for you to sell to your customers!
Do you ever have any customers that ask you "Do you know anyone that does websites?" Resell our websites and make revenue from the answer.
"Last year we made over £20,000 by selling Website Treehouse sites." - Our top reseller
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About John Scotcher

Before I started my little company I managed to bag lots of different careers; teaching, working as a 1st Assistant Director, writing a novel and more. My biggest claim to fame is that in the mid 90s 30,000 Belgian postmen went to work in a tie I designed. How come British postpeople don't wear a tie? Hmm?

When I'm not working I like to take photos and write books. You can see a few of the photos below or you can go to my website to see more and download a copy of the first book I wrote