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Stephen Lucas
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As far back as i remember, I always enjoyed technology and getting my hands dirty playing with things that had buttons and lights on!
I got into running events and using audio and visual technical equipment over 10 years ago. This started from running the audio mixing desk at my church and then I was organizing and running events at university. I especially enjoyed planning all the technical side of these events.
Having not enjoyed my computer science degree course and scraping through I decided I wanted to go into the audio and events industry. I decided (after I graduated) to take a year out and tour as a sound & events technician supporting a band and drama group at various events around the country. Following my year out I worked as an audiovisual technician for an AV company for about 18months. I then decided to take the plunge and set up Soundbite Productions having purchased a small PA system!
I was hiring this out to a number of small clients while I was working as a freelancer for other AV companies. I gained some key clients including an east London borough council that enabled me to expand to where I am today.
Soundbite initially started when I was based in Billericay, Essex (now famous for Gavin & Stacy!) then in October 2007 I moved and established the business to Winchester.

While I am not working I enjoy the great outdoors including Cycling, Skiing, Traveling and watching Formula 1.

My highlight each year is playing the national anthem for the drivers winning podium ceremony at the British Grand Prix!!