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Personalised registration numbers and network marketing.

About Roger Gibson

Messing around with old motorbikes has always been a passion of mine since the age of 10, buying old wrecks and getting them going and restoring them to their former glory gives you a real buzz, if you like that sort of thing. 

During the latter part of 1986 I was building an old British bike and I needed another frame. So I looked in the motorcycle news and there was one for sale near to where I lived, I phoned and he still had it, so off I went to see it. After a cup of coffee and a chat I bought the frame, Mr X as we'll call him asked if I came across many old bikes, I told him that I did, so he said that if I didn't want them myself he would be interested in them as he dealt in personalised number plates, and (this is the best bit) he would pay me a finders fee! 

This relationship carried on for quite a while, it wasn't long before I had quite a few bikes of my own and Mr X would sell the numbers on my behalf. During 1987 I also started advertising my numbers with the big dealers and I also started advertising myself and Gibson Registrations was born, these days it's shortened to GIBREG as it takes up less space in the adverts, i'm always looking to buy old motorbikes or mopeds so if you know of any let me know, i'll even pay you a finders fee! :)