Andrea Basilio (Certified LOA Facilitator, Coach & Mentor)

Andrea Basilio
Certified LOA Facilitator, Coach & Mentor

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This report will help you to be in the flow and create abundance, freedom and happiness in your life.

How will you benefit by reading this report:

  • Discovering who you are
  • Understanding the power of your clarity
  • Discovering what are you nurturing within
  • Creating freedom
  • Understanding the manifestation of forgiveness
  • Learning the abundance of gratitude
  • Allowing your flow

If you or anyone you know would benefit from reading this report please feel free to share or send them this link. I am looking forward to hearing how you got on with creating your flow.

Remember: “Never underestimate your life, it is the greatest gift you have been given.” (ab). 

About Andrea Basilio


I am sure all of us experienced challenges and situations that for us was a ‘major crisis’, or have been at crossroads and had to make life changing decisions. Andrea’s life has been an extraordinary journey since she was a young child. She had to cope with traumatic experiences, drama and many times she felt she was ‘struck by lightning’. She found herself at crossroads when her life was rocked on the 21st May 2005; she had to choose between life and death. With her incredible faith and strength she grabbed life with both hands, pushed the RESET button and began her transforming journey to start a new chapter in her life. Her transformation wasn’t the easiest, but she is a survivor and a warrior and from these roller-coaster experiences all her clients are benefiting now. Andrea learnt different types of tools and techniques, which she can tailor to her client’s needs in order to solve their problems. Her aim is to show these tools to her clients so they can solve their problems without her and create what they want as well as spreading happiness, clarity and abundance across the world.

You might be experiencing business problems and want to let go of the stress or the pressure of expectations, you might harbour fear or anger within you and not sure how to move forward, you might be experiencing panic attacks from money worries or having limiting beliefs about yourself.

Andrea will simply show you how to eliminate these worries and negative thoughts, how to release stress, how to create freedom and happiness in your life. How to transform pressured business issues into inspirations and create a natural/balanced state of mind. And you can use these tools for the rest of your life. Even if you think, feel or see yourself not being ready she can guide you to create clarity and be mindful.