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John Kettley
The Sales Masters Guild

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22nd Apr 2009
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  • How to build a business that creates Wealth
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The Sales Masters Guild - Founded in 2009 as a direct result of joining 4N!! 

WHY? - Because so many of the business owners that I met at that time, were struggling to get business in the door, so I set out on a quest to share the knowledge I gained the hard way (through the school of hard knocks) from 3 decades of starting building and selling businesses of my own...

Now some 8 years later I'm happy to say that our mentored personal business development courses have helped many, many 100's of 4N'ers to fine tune their business model, improve their communication skills (sales techniques) and create higher-income businesses that work...:)

We share the knowledge through

where business owners learn

  • How to become the go-to person for what you do
  • How to create a customer magnet 'value proposition' 
  • How to create a marketing strategy that actually works
  • How to make more sales
  • How to create a high-income business 

If you're want to learn how to build a high-income business, I would love to talk to you...

John K

About John Kettley

Over the last 3 decades I 've truly been blessed and fortunate to have worked with so many wonderful people, during that time I've 'sold' a vast and diverse range of products, services, information, knowledge and a number of the companies that I built 'to sell'...

It's not all been a bed of roses, just like any business owner I've been awake many a night wondering how the hell I was going to get the money in from people who just wouldn't pay & how was I going to be able to pay my engineers and my mortgage, I've even been to the door of bankruptcy on my journey to later retire from having to work (which I did by my 45th birthday), I share this because I want you to know that no matter how hard it might seem and how tough it might get, you really can overcome any obstacle or challenge as long as you make the decision to never give up on your dreams of success. 

I now write, speak, teach & mentor people who want to learn from my mistakes and more importantly my successes of 'How to build a high-income business'.

I've developed formula for success, one that if followed will help you to avoid the school of hard knocks that I went through and will (if you stick to the formula and work your ass off0  will I guarantee result in the success you seek.

'How to build a business that creates wealth'. - is a book that will teach you that formula

I believe that life is an adventure and one that is far to short to be able to experience all of the possibilities and opportunities that will come our way, which is why I'm always open to meeting new people, exploring new ideas and helping where I can, 'anyone' in business who wants to achieve something more...

John Kettley
Tel:     07770 946303