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Andrew Krajewski
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“Good morning Earthlings. My name is Andrew Krajewski and I come from the planet Zosfran. Have no fear, I mean you no harm. I come in peace to share with you the secret that we use on Zosfran to make money from property. And that secret is to use lots of …....” So starts my 40 seconds at every breakfast meeting.

Property is undoubtedly the best long term investment. Year on year the Times Rich List shows that significantly more people make money out of property than any other area. So why doesn't everybody invest in property? Lack of knowledge which results in fear which creates paralysis.

We give people the knowledge which eliminates the fear. This enables action to be taken, which creates the long term wealth and security that we all strive for.

And please remember that you don't need money to get started because the secret is to use lots of …..

About Andrew Krajewski

A Physics teacher by profession and an entrepreneur by instinct with a keen interest in property. I reached the 'dizzy heights' of an Assistant Deputy Head and then escaped having made several abortive escape attempts over the years.

While still teaching I bought my first investment property, a two bedroom flat for £150,000 by putting £30,000 into the deal. Two years later I bought my third investment property, a two bedroom flat for £190,000 but this time I took £6,000 out of the deal. How did I do that? I applied the secret that I learnt on Zosfran, i.e. to use lots of …....

And now I use my teaching skills to show people how they can use the same principles to create long term wealth and security through property. Which in turn gives everybody back the time to do what we really want to do.