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Free the potential to grow your business through valuable business advice you can trust

  • Business and profit growth
  • Structured and insightful analysis – a fresh pair of eyes
  • Strategic, commercial and innovative
  • Step by step solutions
  • Business mentor and Board advisor

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Services include

  • Business transformation
  • Interim director
  • Interim troubleshooter
  • NED
  • Consulting tailored to the needs of your business
  • The Ultimate Business Growth Masterclass
About Gaynor Gravestock

Experience you can trust

With over 30 years business experience in the UK and overseas Gaynor Gravestock brings extensive business experience that you can trust. Having worked through the ranks in most areas of a business, including marketing, HR, IT and finance, for the past 10 years she has specialised in being a generalist (a slight oxymoron?) and roles have included senior and board level positions delivering business turnaround and transformation. She has a track record in identifying creative business solutions and competing in volatile competitive environments through service differentiation rather than price.

A real people person, Gaynor energises others with contagious enthusiasm while actively involving them in developing ideas and implementing solutions. She is passionate about making a difference and working with local business owners to help them achieve the full potential of their business. She actively involves business owners in developing ideas and implementing the right solutions.

Her vision is to create an even more enterprising Shropshire that demonstrates higher business success than anywhere else in the country.

What sets her apart

It is not just the service she offers that sets her apart, but the passion and conviction with which she serves her clients. She thrives on problem solving and finding solutions that have a wide positive impact.

Her approach to business and to life is to consider the whole rather than just individual parts, resulting in her personal adage “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – let's work together.”

On a personal level Gaynor loves art, history learning new things and being outdoors. Having lived most of her life in Australia, she has now chosen Shrewsbury as her home and enjoys exploring what Shropshire and the rest of the U.K. have to offer – at least when she isn't tending her beautiful walled garden. Gaynor is married to Fred, a Psychologist (with a funny name), and they have five grown up daughters, some living locally and others overseas.