Susan Leigh (Susan Leigh - Counsellor & Hypnotherapist)

Susan Leigh
Susan Leigh - Counsellor & Hypnotherapist

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  • Counselling, hypnotherapy
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A long established counselling and hypnotherapy practice, providing treatment-

- individual counselling for habit patterns, behaviours, pain management.

- couples counselling to try to facilitate better communication, whatever the outcome

- corporate work, either for individual staff members or group situations


Susan Leigh is a member of the Collaborative Pod of Lawyers and Sale and Altrincham Chamber of Commerce


About Susan Leigh

Lifestyle Therapy provides Counselling and Hypnotherapy to help with the Pressures, Stresses and Problems that can accumulate in daily life. When negative patterns of behaviour and low confidence levels start to intrude into relationships, work situations, health and general well being, then maybe it's time to deal with the underlying reasons and de-stress. Learn better ways of coping and start identifying the warning signs when things start to build up.

Indicators can be poor sleeping, loss of appetite or over-eating, irritability, poor concentration, mood swings, miscellaneous aches and pains, fuzzy headedness. There are over 360 known symptoms of stress, anxiety and pressure. These can be helped and relieved by a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy.

Susan Leigh has been a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist for 20 years. She is a regular contributor to BBC Radio and has had many articles published on different mental health web pages. See several of her articles on

Why not give her a call and discuss your situation. She is available for one to one work or to provide corporate support for individual staff members or group situations.