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Chris Lodge
Gray Hooper Holt LLP Solicitors

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I act mainly as Business Development Manager for  Gray Hooper Holt LLP, Solicitors based in Haywards Heath and Redhill

Although my brief covers all areas of English law, having been a qualified solicitor specialising in Road Traffic Accident and Personal Injury claims from 1978 to 2012 (see my LinkedIN profile), my bias remains in this area.

As to 4Networking, I joined in November 2009 and have remained a member ever since, doing 4Sights on Road Traffic Accident related matters throughout Kent and into Essex, East Sussex, Surrey and London.  I was Group Leader at 4N Kings Hill near Maidstone from its launch in May 2012 to January 2013 then from April 2013 to October 2013,  I was Group Leader at 4N Tunbridge Wells, following which when I became Area Leader for 4N at Crawley-Gatwick , Uckfield Lunch and Haywards Heath.

In June 2014, I became a Regional Leader for the South East Central area covering numerous groups in Sussex and West Kent




About Chris Lodge

I was a practising  solicitor from 1978 to October 2012 but I am now a business development manager for Gray Hooper Holt LLP  

As my specialist area was Road Traffic Accidents,  I sat on the management committee of MASS, the Motor Accident Solicitors Society and was also their Regional Co-ordinator for the South East from November 2008 until November 2012,.

Gray Hooper Holt LLP can offer legal advice in all areas of law in mid Sussex and throughout the South East

But enough about work, I am a great film fan from blockbusters to foreign language, love cricket, World Cup football and foreign travel.