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FREE Marketing Tutorials To Help You Grow Your Business

Have you ever spent time, money and effort on a marketing campaign, or any business growth initiative, only to be gutted when the results missed your expectations by miles?

If so would it help you if you were able to find out exactly what makes a really successful campaign work?

And be able to take that information, apply it to your next campaign and see a welcome improvement in your own business?

And what if that information was free...zilch...nada?

Still interested?...Good...

I've created a series of free marketing tutorials where you'll learn the proven strategies and tactics that have worked over and over again to help my clients generate loads of business.

So I hear you asking "Why's this mad Henry fellow giving away all this valuable advice for free"

Well it's simple really...

If you realise the information is so good that you want to implement it but you need help, them you may ask me for that help.

Alternatively you may want to look really good to your clients and let them have the information as well...and they might need help implementing it.

After all a very famous man once said " Giveth and ye shall recieve"

So that's what I'm doing

You can get all the free tutorials at or click on the image below

About Paul Henry

Having left school in the black and white days with little more than a torn blazer and the headmasters bicycle, I realised that the best way to make money was to sell.

So that's what I did. My first job was selling hearing aids door to door. It wasn't easy because my best prospects never answered.

Then I worked for a large weighing machine manufacturer. Our best seller was the butchers weighing machine ( you know the one where you always paid a bit extra for the butchers thumb!) We called them ambush scales because they used to lie in weight.

Then on to the dark world of IT

It's here I discovered a few useful things

1. IBM stood for In Being Mended

2. Unplugging a prospects server so you can plug in your shiny new laptop with a presentation on "How To Protect Your Server" will NOT get you the business

3 Laptops do not bounce

4 Computers are not intelligent. They only think they are.

Despite ( or because of) this I reached the dizzy heights of European Sales Director where I realised that "Control, alt delete" is the same in nearly every language.

I also realised most corporate marketing didn't work. I was doing my own and getting better results than the marketing department. So following the saying " Do unto others only what you would do unto yourself" I did just that and set up my own sales and marketing company where I actually did unto others and lo...they got oodles of business...and still I keep doing it.

Ok joking above for the serious aspect of how I can grow your business