Naomi Johnson (Purrfectly Social)

Naomi Johnson (Purrfectly Social)
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Last online 6th Oct 2015
Member since 4th Nov 2009
Member No 35119
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Social Media Management & Training
Animated Video Marketing
Facebook Ads
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How’s business?  Is your website a well-kept secret?  Is your marketing at a standstill? 

Get things moving today! Ask about my bespoke doodle animations, using the power of emotion to tell your business story in a way that engages and attracts potential clients.  Or my social media support and training packages, allowing you to effectively manage you social media marketing in less time.

Facts Tell – Stories Sell…

Let me help you create your story.


Just give me a call, email or connect with me via the social networks to find out how I can make a difference to your business.
About Naomi Johnson

Social media facilitator and advocate. Group co-ordinator 4N Bawtry.

Amateur web and graphic designer. Video creator. Geek.Geek

Cat addict.Cat

Eco evangelist. Fairtrade fanatic. Rainbow

Love tennis and rugby union (watching not playing!), stargazing Star coffee Coffeeand wineWine

How can I help you?

My website is a great place to visit if you wish to start "going green" and make a bit of extra income!

In the past I have worked in the NHS in the field of Clinical Biochemistry - I am a BSc graduate in Biochemistry from Bristol University and also qualified from London University with an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, the latter done through part-time study while working.

My all-consuming hobby and passion is cats - I have been breeding pedigree cats since 1990 and am now a show judge, show manager and involved in many aspects of the Cat Fancy in the UK.  I ran a Boarding Cattery for several years too.  So call me a Crazy Cat Lady (in addtion to my other designations) if you like :))