Naomi Johnson (Purrfectly Social)

Naomi Johnson
Purrfectly Social

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5th Dec 2016
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4th Nov 2009
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  • Social Media Management & Training
  • Animated Video Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Online Marketing
  • Visual Content Creation
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How’s business?  Is your website a well-kept secret?  Is your marketing at a standstill? 

Get things moving today! Ask about my bespoke doodle animations, using the power of emotion to tell your business story in a way that engages and attracts potential clients. Or my social media support and training packages, allowing you to effectively manage your social media marketing in less time.

Facts Tell – Stories Sell…

Let me help you create your unique story with attention-grabbing visual content.

Give me a call, email or connect with me via the social networks to find out how I can make a difference to your business.
About Naomi Johnson

Social media facilitator and advocate. Group co-ordinator 4N Bawtry & 4N Gainsborough.

Amateur web and graphic designer. Video creator. Geek.Geek

Cat addict.Cat

Eco evangelist. Fairtrade fanatic. Rainbow

Love tennis and rugby union (watching not playing!), stargazing Star coffee Coffeeand wineWine

How can I help you?

My website is a great place to visit if you wish to start "going green" and make a bit of extra income!

In the past I have worked in the NHS in the field of Clinical Biochemistry - I am a BSc graduate in Biochemistry from Bristol University and also qualified from London University with an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, the latter done through part-time study while working.

My all-consuming hobby and passion is cats - I have been breeding pedigree cats since 1990 and am now a show judge, show manager and involved in many aspects of the Cat Fancy in the UK.  I ran a Boarding Cattery for several years too.  So call me a Crazy Cat Lady (in addtion to my other designations) if you like :))