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Jam96 specialises in video production for business. We have recently rebranded ourselves from a name we felt was too long winded and are in the process of migrating our samples to our new website at If you would like to see our full range of material including samples of acting and stunt showreels we have put together please go to


About Steve Stephens

I was educated at Seaford College in Sussex but did not go on to University.
My first professional job was a junior surveyor with Knight Frank & Rutley, as they were in those days, in their Hanover Square office. From there I moved on to specialise in fire-safety and means escape, working as a consultant to the DoE and the Metropolitan Police.
My last salaried job was working for a consultant architect whose speciality was theatre safety on both sides of the safety curtain, projects included the National Theatre and the Barbican Arts Centre (both then under construction). It was during this time I realised that photography was what I wanted to do. It all started when I took some photos of a model of the Globe Theatre which was in the office where I was working. I have just had a look at the history of the Barbican - 1982 it opened, that means I have been a freelance photographer for 27 years!