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Dave Bradburn
Opus Creative Design Ltd

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  • Brand, Graphic Design, Print
  • Brand, Website Design, Graphic Design, Print
  • Branding, Graphic Design, Print
  • Branding & Communications Design
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We help you to develop a brand that you're proud to shout about. We help you to deliver an effective and memorable message to your target audience. And we help you to create a powerful first and lasting impression. 

We develop branding, printed literature and stationery and online graphic design services (websites, PDF brochures etc). Most of our clients are small businesses although in some cases the work we are producing is for far larger organisations – one of our main clients delivers services within the NHS. We work for clients in a wide range of sectors – anything from IFAs and Accountants through to Children's Holiday Clubs – but have particular experience in the areas of The Arts, Education & Training, and community-led initiatives/organisations.

We work with you to identify and develop the message that you need to get across to whoever it is that you need to communicate with, and we then present it in a way that people will take notice and want to read it. We establish positive perceptions of your service or product and we make it easy for them to take in the relevant information. Finally, we encourage people to act on the information that you've shared with them. 

Typical type of stuff we do:
Company logos, branding and identity, stationery, brochures, leaflets, brochures, PDF literature, event publicity, print, websites....

About Dave Bradburn

Husband, dad, Manchester United fan, dog owner and various other things – some of which I'll even admit to!

Work stuff:
I spent approximately ten years working for a number of small and medium sized design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester after completing a degree in Graphic Design and Typography at the University of Plymouth. In many ways I found that the most interesting and rewarding work wasn't for the big-name clients that I worked for but rather for the many smaller names. Creating design work for these comparatively smaller businesses and organisations felt like it had a far more positive impact and provided a feeling of genuine involvement in those businesses.

I decided to set up Opus Creative Design Ltd in 2007. It's been a fair old journey since then and I've learned a massive amount – plenty of it from fellow 4Ners. For that I thank them. Hopefully I've managed to help a few people along the way too.