Dave Bradburn (Opus Creative Design Ltd)

Dave Bradburn (Opus Creative Design Ltd)
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Location: Knutsford
Left QuoteOpus Creative Design Ltd, Knutsford, Cheshire. Creative & effective graphic design to a wide range of clients – logos, branding, stationery, business cards, printed literature, leaflets, websitesRight Quote
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Brand, Graphic Design, Print
My Company Information

We provide branding, printed and online graphic design services. Much of our work is with start-ups and SMEs although we have significant experience of working for larger organisations. We have worked for a wide range of clients but have particular experience in the areas of education/training, environmental/green issues, estate agency/property development, financial services and classical music/the arts.

Essentially we enable businesses to make a good impression and to communicate their message more effectively with their clients and prospects. This is achieved by working with our clients to create logos and resources that make their information accessible, eye catching and interesting to read and digest.

Company logos, branding and identity, stationery, brochures, leaflets, newsletters, print advertising, exhibition stands, websites, typography.

About Dave Bradburn

I spent approximately ten years working for a number of small and medium sized design agencies in Cheshire and Manchester after completing a degree in Graphic Design and Typography at the University of Plymouth. During this time I rose to the level of Senior Designer and worked for a varied range of clients, including companies such as Shell UK, Corus (formerly British Steel), George Wimpey and Bellway Homes and organisations such as Manchester City Council and SureStart. However, working with the owners and employees of a wide range of SMEs and helping them to improve their company image and profile has proved to provide some of my most interesting and rewarding work. Designing logos, stationery, printed literature and websites for these comparatively smaller businesses and organisations can enable a designer's work to have the most positive impact and can provide a real feeling of involvement in a client's business.

Partly inspired by the business owners that I worked with, I decided to set up Opus Creative Design Ltd in 2007. Although experienced in producing work for clients in a wide range of business sectors I have produced a significant amount of work for companies and organisations involved with education, training and classical music, as well as a number of businesses with links to green technologies and environmental awareness. I have been involved in the full rebranding
of a high school in Warrington and for many years sat on the National Executive Board of 'Sing for Pleasure', a charity involved, amongst other things, in training choral conductors, vocal leaders and music educationalists. Design work resulting from this has included the publication of newsletters, brochures and song-books. I have worked with the owners of a number of environmentally-focussed businesses, producing a wide range of items including logos, exhibition graphics and literature designs.