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Bill Eaton
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My passion is to help people to escape the time and money trap and be able to enjoy life to the full. Utility Warehouse is the perfect vehicle for those who are prepared to invest some time and effort in the short and medium term in order to reap great benefits in the longer term.

To find out more please click here or call freephone 0800 542 0809 or mobile 07950 037692 or email

About Bill Eaton

I am a professional property investor and an Authorised Distributor for Utility Warehouse. Having pursued a career as a solicitor for many years I decided in the late 1990s to focus on building passive and residual income instead of trading my time for money, and began investing in and developing property. I retired from full time work at the age of 49 since when I have worked on a part time basis, running my property and Utility Warehouse businesses. I do what I want to do rather than what I have to do and am able to spend a lot of time with my family and in pursuing my hobbies and interests.

My passion is to help other people to escape the time and money trap and enjoy life to the full. Investing in property is still a great choice for those who have or can raise some initial capital but not everyone is able to do this. Utility Warehouse is the perfect choice for those who wish to invest some time rather than money. I describe my role with Utility Warehouse as being a people finder - I find people who have the motivation, the enthusiasm and the drive to make a massive change in their lives and then help them to achieve their dreams.

I joined 4N in 2009. I was the Group Leader at Plymouth in 2010/2011, OPs Assistant at the former Totnes group in 2010/2012, became the Group Leader when the Totnes Group reformed at Buckfastleigh and am currently the Group Co-ordinator at Buckfastleigh.