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Ivan Newman
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Living Inside the Brand® will help you find ways to turn your customers from people and organisations who 'merely' buy from you into "loyal, loyal clients" - who then buy more, more often and tell their colleagues and friends....so they buy from you too.

We do this by building your brand proposition into a compelling reason for people to WANT, not just need, your product or service.

See how we approach branding, brand positioning and brand delivery by joining our Brand Thoughts Newsletter at www.livinginsidethebrand.com

About Ivan Newman

I launched Living Inside the Brand® with a simple idea - enable small companies to build themselves into great brands.

Living Inside the Brand® is founded on a wide business experience comprising:

  • Delivering employee engagement and culture change by using the global property portfolio to deliver the Employer Brand,
  • Heading Internal Service based on corporate brand values,
  • Heading UK Recruitment and launching the Reuters Employer Brand,
  • Leading Global Graduate Recruitment including brand value development,
  • Managing the commercial side of £100+ million information business,
  • Product and international sales management.

Worked for Reuters Group for 21 years, previously for US computer and computer services companies.

When I'm not working, I enjoy (strange though it may sound) jumping into cold water, then once I've warmed up, getting on the bike for a few hours, and finally rounding off with a run.  Which is the only way I've found of staying slim whilt eating between 2-4 4N brekkies each week!  Truthfully, though, I've been a triathlete for around 30years! Here's the story about my last couple of years.

Academic and Professional Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Physics & Computing, MBA, Chartered Engineer, European Ingenieur, Chartered IT Professional, Member Chartered Institute of Management, Member Institute of Internal Communication.