Gary Walton (Salamander Rentals)

Gary Walton (Salamander Rentals)
0844 412 8027

Location: Stockport
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Left QuoteChip and Pin for business. Credit, debit card payments online or by pdq machine. Save on processing costs. New to cards arranged within days.For a deal that suits you not the bank call 0161 480 5123.Right Quote
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Last online 28th Jan 2012
Member since 1st Feb 2010
Member No 37798
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Card Processing Merchant Services
Chip and Pin
Credit Card/PDQ Machines
Web/E-commerce Solutions, SEO & Creative Services
Virtual Credit Card Terminals
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Reduced merchant services costs for business plus e-commerce and the latest terminal technology.

About Gary Walton

Have worked in finance sector for longer than I care to remember. I started Salamander a couple of years ago thanks to the finance sector's decline which turned out to be the best thing to happen to me for years. 

A keen sports fan following the Mighty Whites and the Hatters I also play golf as often as a family life allows!

Will talk business at any time to help and advise anyone looking to be involved with chip and pin, if there is a coffe or beer then even better.