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We're telephony experts, especially VoIP. Despite it's recent rise, VoIP isn't new - it's been around for over 30 years!

Whatever approach you have to marketing your business, at some point a customer, prospect or supplier will want to talk to you! A single phone line is good and will do the job. What happens though when your business expands, you have employees, call  volumes rise and you need to juggle more than one call.

A phone system has always been the answer...and it still is! In the past so called 'enterprise' features such as hunt groups, call queues, auto attendants, voicemail to email, paging and many others were the province of large companies with deep pockets.

The emergence of VoIP as a mainstream technology brings these features to small companies and businesses at a price they can afford. properly implemented, VoIP can be an enabling technology, driving sales and improving customer service.

There's more than just making and taking calls. Add in web conferencing, click to dial direct from your website, call recording, multi-site connectivity, setting your extension status based on your diary and a whole lot more. You'd be surprised to find that, unlike other phone systems, ALL these features are included in the cost! There's NO licensing costs for voicemail or call recording either!

You'd probably also be surprised to discover how little this will cost you and amazed to see how small the ongoing costs are. Add to this the cost savings you'll find from switching to VoIP. Finally, the most important bit, this will improve customer service thus improving retention and help you win more business

Give us a call to find out more and arrange a demonstration.

About Martin Perry

I've worked with technology all my working life, developing software, designing and managing computer systems for companies both large and small. I've also managed and run a technology company through from a handful of staff to 600 and finally an IPO.

I started this business in 2001, joined 4N in 2010, been a Group Coordinator, Group Leader, Area Leader in East Yorkshire and now a Regional Leader supporting groups in East, South and North Yorkshire and North Derbyshire