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I am a solicitor and an Associate with Buckles Solicitors LLP, based in the firm's Stamford office.  I specialise in Wills, Tax Planning, Care Home Fee planning, Trusts for Children with Disabilities, Powers of Attorney and Probate.

I am married with two boys who are 11 and 9 - very active and noisy!!  I love sailing, horse-riding and when I get a chance, reading!

Part of my law degree was spent studying in Germany - a fanatstic experience which meant that when I came back to England, I could speak fluent German - a while ago now but hopefully it would all come back!

I worked for Ford Motor Comapny for 2 years after university to get an insight into the wider commercial world then went to Law School and trained and qualified at a leading Kent firm, before moving back up to Lincolnshire and Buckles in 1998.

I am passionate about helping people make sure they protect their hard earned money - whether that's from Inheritance Tax or local authority assessment.  I like being able to make a real difference to people by showing them how they don't have to lose their house to pay care home fees or how their disabled child can have the benefit of their money whilst not losing benefits or funding.