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Charlie Emery
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Distribution Unlimited was established in 1992 when Derek Wilson realised there was a niche in the market for professional, reliable and targeted leaflet distribution in Edinburgh and surrounding areas. We have now expanded to cover Oxfordshire, Glasgow, Dundee, Fife, Tayside, Paisley, West and Central Scotland, Lanarkshire, Manchester and Cheshire areas.

Distribution Unlimited is the first in professional leaflet and flyer distribution, operating the highest standards in door to door distribution (unaddressed mail). We provide a quality distribution and deliver service of which we are proud and to which many of our customers will testify.


Why choose us? There are a whole host of reasons, but our customers provide the best testament both to our service and to leaflet distribution as their chosen marketing method – they come back to us again and again! We have high customer retention rates, currently sitting at 70% or higher in any 1 year. The other 30% is made up of newer clients who more than likely will return!


Why? We deliver what we say we deliver, we work with you and we areACTUALLY INTERESTED in your business, your campaign and want to make sure we are providing an excellent service.


What makes us different?.....


Delivery Areas

Your leaflet distribution is not limited to boundaries or postcodes, or volume or other inconvenient rules. You choose where you want your material delivered, and right down to street level if you wish! Don't waste your expensive marketing leaflets and flyers by delivering it to half a postcode you know just won't want your product – we will stop delivering at the boundaries you choose!


Our Staff

We pride ourselves in our staff who are employed on a full-time basis and are identifiable by their ID badges and company uniforms clearly showing our company name. We do not employ school children.


Our Delivery Ethics

We always strive to provide the best service to both our customer and the householders and businesses receiving our deliveries. Distribution Unlimited endeavour to, at all times, be:-

  • Polite and courteous
  • Respect property and security
  • Make a successful delivery (i.e. through letter box) of publication, or record it as a 'non-delivery'
  • We do not dispose of any publications inappropriately
  • We do not leave material or publications at the bottom of multi-occupied properties, such as apartment blocks, tenements or flats.


Non Delivery

When carrying out deliveries, it is inevitable that there will be some instances of non-delivery. This ranges from customer refusal, to being unable to gain access to premises due to security systems and such like. Whilst delivering, should we come across a property which we are unable to access we record it as a non-delivery. For critical distributions we would then revisit these properties up to 3 times and attempt to re-deliver the publication.


We Check!

To maintain our high standards we carry out random back checking exercises on our teams and jobs to households/businesses within our distribution areas.

About Charlie Emery

Bio – Charlie Emery BA (Hons):

Charlie is the owner of Distribution Unlimited Oxford. The company was established over 20 years ago and specialises in targeted, reliable and cost effective leaflet distribution. Charlie draws on his management and marketing experience as well as his local knowledge to provide a first class service to his clients.

Charlie began managing businesses in 2004. This continued until 2009 and saw him work in locations including Leicester, Oxford, Reading and Watford. During this time Charlie relished in the marketing aspect of the business. This included long term campaigns focussed on individual events to the direct hand to hand leafleting centred around driving sales on a specific day. This latter element was particularly focussed on the need to catch the customer's attention within a few seconds of them receiving the material. His understanding and appreciation of all marketing techniques grew throughout this time which he is now able to use to benefit each and every one of his clients.

Through his years of marketing experience Charlie realised that it is essential to have a targeted approach, whatever the type or size of campaign. It was at this point that Charlie discovered Distribution Unlimited.

In 2009, whilst researching leaflet distribution for the business he was working in, Charlie was introduced to the Distribution Unlimited franchise. He immediately saw the potential and niche nature of the business and arranged to meet the franchisor. In 2010 Charlie made the decision to purchase the franchise and launched his own business. Since starting the business Charlie has improved further all the skills he had already established and has never looked back.