Eric Taylor (The Design and Print Man aka 'Mr Introducer')

Eric Taylor (The Design and Print Man aka 'Mr Introdu...)
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Location: Hyde
Left QuoteHands-on: Creative Design, Artwork & Print professional specialising in B2B & B2C promotional literature & material. Successful retainer/com-based Affiliate Marketeer better known as "Mr Introducer".Right Quote
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What I Do
Graphic Design & Print
Branding and Promotional Merchandise
Large Format Printing
Exhibition & display
Advertising, Marketing & Graphic Design
My Company Information

Graphic design, Creative Artwork and Printing business. Offering bespoke graphic design, pre-press artwork and high quality printing products.

Production of large format exhibition and display posters, including roll-up display systems provision and production. Short run branded goods (t-shirts, mugs, keyrings etc etc) also produced in-house. Larger run branded goods catered for also through carefully selected supply partners.

Essentially a business-to-business specialist provider. We provide a practical, whole-service approach to marketing and publicity for our customers, including an extensive exhibition, branded goods and marketing collateral support.

We have introduced a Creative Trade offer... as the 'Design and Print Collective' we are also proud to offer our 'PRODUCTION' service to other Creative professionals at trade prices.

Our Customer/Client base spans SME, Local, National, and International organisations and companies. These include small, medium, and large businesses, as well as Public Sector, Local Government (Councils) and multinational organisations.

We have specialist experience in the creation and supply of Scientific, Technical and Industrial 'marketing and publicity' material in the business-to-business arena, producing brochures, catalogues, manuals and technical marketing literature. Additional prominence in Education, Research and Charity arenas has seen project work including School and College brochures and prospectuses, Annual Trustee and Government Reports. Specialist start-up business initiatives.


About Eric Taylor

I am very much a family man and have been married to Kathryn (my first wife) for over 34 years. I have 3 very beautiful daughters (they get that from Kathryn!).  I love each and everyone of them dearly and owe all my drive and application to each of them.

After over 35 years in the design, artwork and printing arena I have a passion for helping start-up businesses get off on the right foot with their corporate branding and promotional material. I love to meet new people and networking really suits me. In my spare time (if I'm not working). I love history, antiques, photography, painting (watercolours) and getting out into the country. A generally active and busy person at work, I do enjoy solitude at times, and often get away for the odd weekend on my own to just chill out! I love dreaming up domain names and buying them to develop later! I enjoy most types of music, especially (traditional) live Jazz. I have in the past gone to the extent of renting rooms, hiring musicians and 'putting on a gig' for anyone willing to buy tickets!

I genuinely like to help people where I can, passing on any benefit of my experience to anyone that can make use of it (or that will listen!). After nearly 15 years in Networking I have a vast contact base to the extent I have often been referred to as 'Mr Introducer' for my ability to link up people and businesses for mutual gain.

Also known as being 'The Design and Print Man', I have embarked on a new phase in my career and am looking forward to the challenges it will bring. 2015 will see the opening of my very own Conference Suites & Event Centre adjacent to my Design Studio in Tameside (Hyde).