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Established for 25 years in the USA, InteleTravel are one of the biggest providers of cruises, holidays and flights, with an exceptional reputation for financial integrity, customer service and support, they have launched in the UK.

Marie Coles T/A Avocado adventures is a chartered independent travel agent providing inteletravel products and services.  From Birmingham to the Bahamas, we can tailor a one night UK hotel stay for business or a multi stop holiday of a lifetime.


About Marie Coles

Here's the thing..

We have one shot at this life and there is no encore....

With a sixteen year background in financial services and business development starting as a telephone advisor in the 90's at Norwich Union, to the owner, founder and director of my own insurance consultancy, I have had a varied career.

But despite the business, the flexibility, the success... something was missing.

In 2015 after my dad died suddenly I knew if I didn't get on the right path for me then I would always find an excuse, because there always is one!

So I sold my business, stepped down from everything I know, took a well earned break. Then from nowhere (after a bit of a false start back in corporate) Healthy Cow came to life... Never underestimate a fairy story, in this case Jack and the Beanstalk. If you want to know how that led to Healthy Cow, well you will need to find me, and ask me... I will happily share. 

 I really am so blessed to be going in the right direction and have the good fortune that I have in my life.