Victoria Wood (Fairy Communications)

Victoria Wood (Fairy Communications)
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Location: Sheffield
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Last online 23rd Mar 2012
Member since 14th Apr 2010
Member No 41014
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Public Relations
Creative Marketing
Graphic design
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About Victoria Wood

Fairy Communications was created in the autumn of 2009 by Victoria Wood; a 20-something Sheffield-er with a love of the written word and a background in a whole host of PR, marketing and event management roles.

Having found herself without a job in the middle of the recession, Victoria decided to try her hand at freelancing – a decision which changed her life.

Now, she is keen to promote young entrepreneurs and is heavily involved with her home city's Entrepreneurs Exchange, as well as hosting the occasional workshop, helping other small businesses to build a presence online.

Victoria is a keen networker and claims that she “would attend the opening of a jam jar if there was an opportunity to schmooze.” As 'Group Leader' of 4Networking Hillsborough, she has built her contacts book beyond her expectations and doesn't find being self-employed so lonely anymore!

In her spare time she watches football (a season ticket holder at Sheffield Wednesday), looks after her guinea pigs, spends time with “Mr Fairy” and enjoys the 'occasional' glass of wine. She rarely watches television (Ok apart from X Factor and Waterloo Road) and seems to have a slight addiction to Twitter. She is often featured on sports blogs and can actually explain the offside rule.