Michael Gordon (Ogenki)

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Location: Harrow
Left QuoteRelief from stress, digestive, respiratory and skin problems, etc. Easy-to-use natural health solutions and technologies to support you and your family. Opportunity to earn secondary income too.Right Quote
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Last online 12th Aug 2013
Member since 16th Apr 2010
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Health products
Second Income
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shiatsu, reiki, EFT
My Company Information

If you like the idea of a small but dynamic integrated health practice which offers practical and effective natural 

solutions to the stress that increasingly bombards us all, then Ogenki is for you!

In-depth, face-to-face consultations (which are free and without obligation)  can help clients identify

their needs and problems. Typical ailments include osteoporosis, menstrual problems, high cholesterol, back

and joint pain, poor sleep, eczema, hay fever and digestive disorders. We offer solutions which help you find

balance in your life. These range from alternative therapies such as shiatsu to natural nutritional

supplements and also innovative high-tech magnetics. Our products cannot be ordered from

shops, are thoroughly researched and tested, and are of the highest quality and efficacity.


If you are looking for extra income, working from home, you can receive professional guidance, training and support, as we help you set up your own part-time business. Escape the rat-race! Instead, enjoy independence and more free time, and take control of your life.

Let us help you fulfil your potential in all areas - bodily and mental health, family, finances and society.

About Michael Gordon

Michael left teaching after 25 years and became a Wellness Consultant when he saw the difference Nikken

products were making to him and decided to give others the chance to benefit. He can boast a growing list

of satisfied clients.

Having been Operations Assistant and  Group Leader at 4N Harrow, Michael graduated to the heights

of Area Leader for several months, before conflicting commitments led to him returning to the ranks of the mortals!

Michael regularly gives educational talks and presentations about health issues. He is now a trained celebrant, with a Diploma in Marriage Celebrancy

and a Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy.

Michael is a devoted family man. In his free time, he enjoys eating out, travel, puzzles, quizzes, singing

and listening to music.