Andy Entwistle (Salient Sales & Training)

Andy Entwistle (Salient Sales & Training)

Location: Swindon
Left QuoteSales training that is ethical and proven to be highly successful. Marketing coaching to raise your profile and attract new business. Business development mentoring to focus, direct and inspire.Right Quote
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At Salient we help our clients FIND NEW BUSINESS and WIN MORE SALES, by training and coaching in SALES, MARKETING and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT.

Our key principles are value, integrity and professionalism.

Our core courses:  (from half-day sessions to 12 week programmes)

  • SALES - practical and highly effective skills and techniques that will bring more sales success.  Introducing the 'Salient Ultimate Transaction'.
  • MARKETING - making your company and products more attractive to new prospects; the marketing message; campaigns; and raising your profile in the market
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT - planning to meet goals and objectives; implementation; metrics, monitoring and focus.  Planning and implementing a successful business future
  • ULTIMATE SALES PERFORMANCE - combining sales skills and techniques with performance development: a 12 week + programme to achieve a step change in your approach, your confidence and your success.
  • BUSINESS FOCUS  -  mentoring; offering regular contact with business expertise to ensure focus and progress in areas, such as sales growth, marketing campaigns and the implementation of new initiatives.

Additional Modules: (half or one day sessions or workshops)

  • CUSTOMER CARE  -  overcoming objections, pro-active approaches, negatives to positives, retention, and establishing regular growth.
  • MARKETING CAMPAIGNS  -  how to become more attractive, memorable, high-profile, with a campaign that sticks, grows and makes you money.
  • 'MORE TIME'  - our take on time management; practical techniques for doubling your daily effectiveness, giving you ‘More Time’ to achieve and enjoy.
  • NETWORKING SKILLS - make the most of every networking opportunity by learning key networking strategies.  Make 5 or 6 GOOD CONTACTS EVERY TIME.


SALIENT SALES & with experience

About Andy Entwistle

An unlikely career path perhaps, but I started out as a qualified physicist; became an electronics engineer but soon realised I am more of a 'people person'.  I worked in technical sales (electronics) for around 20 years becoming director of an electronics circuit manufacturer in Banbury.

Left the rat race in 2004 to become a freelance technical sales resource.  In 2007 I realised I had developed my own 'best practice' and determined to help others learn a better way of selling. I formed Salient Sales & Training to be able to train and coach in sales, marketing and business development.  With a small team of associates we help individuals and businesses achieve over and above what they feel is their full potential.

I take great delight in seeing the light switch on in peoples eyes when a sales concept is explained in simple, practical and applied terms.  It's the best job satisfaction you can achieve.

I am married with four daughters; I am in the Wessex Male Choir, am a school governor, brew my own beer and make my own music.

It's a great life!