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What is The Success Element?

As business owners, we know how challenging it can be to keep all those ‘business plates’ spinning, be they Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations or even our team. We can often be experts in our particular field but learning by trial and error when it comes to the rest of our business. Some areas we find easy and some prove to be exasperating and a challenge. Working with The Success Element will make it easy for the time pressured business owners to keep on top of all areas of their business whilst increasing their business growth and profits. We do this by helping business owners create a blueprint of what to do to build their business.

Practical Tools – Practical Business Focus   Improved Marketing & Sales

No matter whether you are a start up or a well established business, the following highlights some of the benefits from working with Joanne:

Simple to use ‘plug and play’ templates are provided to make practical implementation easy. There is no ‘having to start from scratch’ when you get back to the office, again saving you time and increasing your confidence that you have the right tools in place to manage all areas of your business.

One on one working so you can focus totally on your business. Here you get to work with someone who will listen to your ideas and share their knowledge, experience and expertise.

Improve your marketing by gaining real clarity on your target market, so you can target people you want to work with. When you are working with the right customers you achieve smother operations and increased turnover.

You leave the session with well developed ideas that you can implement straight away. This saves you time and increases your effectiveness


“I can absolutely use this information in my business and it highlighted areas of my business that had weaknesses and showed me where I need to pay more attention"

“This was an extremely useful workshop which allowed me to focus on the business as a whole and create a strategy for me to work forward with”

“It really made me think about what I’m not doing and need to do to grow my business”

About Joanne Element

Who am I?

I grew up in small business as both my Father and Grandfather ran their own businesses so it was no surprise to my family when I too wanted to run my own business. Having heard many a discussion across the dinner table over the problems of getting new customers, quotes being done at 2am etc. I was under no illusion of both the fun and challenges of working for myself.

I have successfully set up and run several small businesses over a period of 7+ years. I have worked with various business owners from florists and chefs to IFA’s and book keepers to electricians and interior designers and many more. Helping them move their business to meet their objectives. I have also helped over 500 people as part of my work in stress management.

As well as a career in small business I have worked in the corporate environment, specialising in business analysis and the management of people, customer relations and projects.

My clients comment on my ‘down to earth’ approach, my encouragement and positive can-do attitude. I am a firm believer that it is possible for people to achieve their dreams.

When I take time out from working then I love to go walking particularly in Cornwall and the Lake District. I am an avid reader, enjoy chart music and have a secret love of sci-fi.