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Lattitude7 Logo "Changing Attitudes for Business Success"

Martin Haigh from Lattitude7 is an experienced, passionate and highly engaging trainer, enabling people and businesses to flourish.

Telephone: 01484 712800. Mobile: 07801 030004.

Martin Haigh
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Personal Development
Do you or your staff lack a bit of motivation at the moment? Do you need a confidence boost...

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Personal Development

Team Building
Do you feel that your team members are working hard but are not all driving in the same direction...

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Team Building

Operational Excellence
Lattitude7 offers coaching, mentoring, ethics training and problem solving

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Operational Excellence

At Lattitude7, by changing attitudes, we enable people and businesses to flourish. In a way, we give people a licence to express themselves and grow in a supportive, yet challenging, environment leading to the discovery of their hidden talents and improving bottom line results.

We offer 'personal development journeys' covering key aspects like: attitude, presentation style, communications, confidence building, interpersonal relationships, vision and leadership. Confident, happy staff have improved customer relationships attracting more sales.

We also provide 'team building adventures', encouraging groups to work in harmony, thus completing tasks quicker and more effectively than before, helping to drive their businesses to exceed expectations.

From a point of view of 'operational excellence', we also deliver training in coaching and mentoring skills and ethics and problem solving. These specific areas of focus can selectively improve the aspects of your business that have been holding back progress.

From the above three sectors there can be reduced absenteeism and much less demarcation giving improved business performance.

What People Say about Martin

“Thank you for opening the door and helping me walk through to a new life. Martin has inspired me to change my life, both personal and business for the better. He truly is an inspirational person and living proof that a positive outlook can improve your life”

John Dyson, Director
Boxing Orange

About Martin Haigh

Hi, thanks for visiting my profile page. I am a Chartered Engineer who moved into coaching, talent management and OD back in 2001. I have been responsible for people development and training for senior leaders in global companies and I have also arranged and delivered international team building seminars. I have been active in management, leadership, presentations and ethics training for many years and I gained a trainer licence with the Dale Carnegie Corporation.

I have been an associate trainer for various organisations, including the University of Leeds and have won many national and international awards for presenting and people development. I am a qualified teacher with a reputation as a highly-effective trainer and, through my international experience and cultural awareness, can offer a range of flexible learning experiences.

I hail from Halifax, West Yorkshire and work out of Brighouse in Calderdale. I am Halifax Harriers', vice president and chairman of their successful race committee. I have run 17 Marathons (4 of them under 3 hours, which really tested my goal setting) and 10 consecutive Three Peaks Races (5 of them under 3:30). Each Marathon has been completed to raise funds for charities, such as: Whizz Kids, Outward Bound Trust, Cancer Research, St. John's Ambulance, Calderdale Special Care Baby Unit, Bermerside Special School in Halifax and Children with Leukaemia.