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Diana Gilbranch Personal Funeral Ceremonies

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I started work with the MOD more years ago than I care to remember. I became self employed in 2001 and ran my own B2B magazine in the Colchester area for 5 years before taking on a Trophy Pet Food Franchise and ran that for 11 years . I decided to become a Civil Funeral Celebrant because I went to a funeral where there was one and was left feeling somewhat disapointed by the service.  Nobody should ever feel like that as a funeral is the last chance you have to do something for your loved one.  I trained with Civil Ceremonies, got my Level 3 Diploma and have been writing and delivering personal funeral ceremonies ever since.  I am a member of The Institute of Civil Funerals, www.iocf.org.uk.  A Civil Funeral is a funeral driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family, not by the beliefs or idealogy of the person conducting the funeral.  It sits between a religious serbice and a humanist funeral.   I also ran my own Jamie at Home party plan business during the evenings love football and have been an avid ITFC supporter all my life and have seen the good times and bad. Still maybe there's hope yet! I