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Green Stag Solutions is a Personal and Business Performance Coaching company based in the North East, working regionally, nationally and Internationally.  We work with one to one clients as well as businesses specialising in small businesses and new starts.

Green Stag Solutions is passionate about helping you achieve more through performing at your peak. 

Director Emily Keep, also works as a motivational speaker, speaking at events and schoolsTake your business to the next level by fully identifying where you are and solving the problems that stop you being where you want to be.

 i3 profiling enables a business to profile their staff from key decision makers to shop floor workers and identify areas for improvement. Profiling can also be used for recruitment, career guidance and consulting work.
We work with cleints of all ages and specialise working with women and younger entrepreneurs face to face, via telephone, group sessions, email and skype. 
About Emily Keep

Having completed schooling in the North East, I went to university first down in York and then finished my degree in Music at Northumbria. I love music and performing and loved working with people more and getting the best out of them and their business. After a few years working in the NHS whilst studying for my Life Coaching qualifications, I came up with an idea to set out alone. I moved from the world of music in to Life Coaching because I discovered by passion and skill for working with people. I spent more time talking with other musicians than I did playing and discovered my true interest lied in finding out why people are they way they are and how understanding this can open so many door. 

Most recent new, I now offer i3 Profiling independently as well as part of coaching.  This profiling tool is an excellent way of identifying your instinctive indicators (what makes you, you) not just at work, but in any situation.  For more information see the i3 website www.i3profiling.com