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Nicky Marchant
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Fox Brand Image


So you have set up in business, to start with you are a one man band, you are jack of all trades for your new venture...responsible for your product or service, marketing, finance, invoices etc etc. Two years on or however long you are still responsible for all of the above...when you were in corporate you just had your job to do...


Like it or not you are a BRAND, and this encompasses all aspects of you - your business cards, your banner, your website, your 40 seconds, your follow ups, your profile and activity on LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, your service and in essence how you show up..


So what does your business do? What service or product do you provide? How do you make your clients feel, what feeling do you leave them with on the inside? How do you feel about what you do?


What is your brand image? for whom? in what circumstances? Could your clients sum up what you do for them?


How you are on the inside is a reflection of how you are on the outside.. a strong brand image is invaluable because people do business with people they know like and trust - if you stand out from the crowd there is more likeability and trust = more business FACT 


So - Love it or Hate it - Brands count always have done and always will - Just Do it - give me a call and we can create the best you - Because you're worth it! 




About Nicky Marchant

I have always had a passionate interest in why people do what they do


A degree in Psychology then 15 years in qualitative research into brands, advertising and packaging particularly food and drink consumer brands gave me many answers on my perennial question!


I then spent the next 12 years passionately studying health and the causes of illness resulting in further understanding of the mind and its link with the body.


I now combine all of the above in my Fox Brand Image service - we start with your company brand, its image and how it is portrayed we then understand how this fits with your selfimage and belief system - you come out a better stronger brand, more focussed on what you enjoy and the business you want = a happier you and happier clients = more business


Because you're worth it:)