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A pro-active gathering of entrepreneurs during Global

Entrepreneurship Week

The UK business events have become carbon copies of each other with very few differences between them. The E2 has evolved into the event it is, and as such we do not have hundreds of hungry exhibitors vying for your time and your cash. We have engineered the E2 to allow you to attend the seminars you want to, network when you want to and do all of this without the pressure of being sold to.

We will also be donating 50% of the profits from the E2 to 20 different charities across the UK.

About Leon Heywood

I started my first business at the age of 19, I grow this to four offices across the world and I could have easily retired at the age of 23. However like most entrepreneurs I wanted more, so I brought an investor into the mix and after following their advice and not my instinct cost me everything.

I lost my home, I gave 4 dogs to a rescue centre and I also managed to bankrupt my parents along the way.

So I returned to the UK at 24, a broken man I returned to employment for the first time in 5 years and began a downward spiral. it wasn't until I decided to attend a presentation at the British Library with Ben Way that I realised that "hang on yes I screwed up, but I also achieved a lot aswell" so I got back on the horse and started Vulpine Financial Services to provide REAL cost efficiency currency exchange services for entrepreneurs.

I like many others have attended many business events and 90% of the time I found that I had to fight my way through wannabes who wouldn't/couldn't put the effort in that it takes to start a business.

So I created "The Entrepreneur's Exhibition" (E2) a bespoke business creation event where the exhibitors will not sell hard, and the event is full of things to enhance your entrepreneurial journey. We have one of the largest and broadest ranges of entrepreneurial speakers from Mr 4N himself Brad Burton to young entrepreneurs like Louis Barnett, who started his company Chokolit at the age of 12 and at 18 he is now the UK's most qualified chocolatier.