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John Parnell
Hoop Guy Ltd

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7th Oct 2010
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  • Dance & Fitness
  • Presenter, Entertainer and Trainer
  • Entertainer, Juggler, Stilt-Walker, Unicyclist
My Company Information

My main business, and hobby, is Hula Hooping !  Yes, I am a professional Hula-Hooper !

I mainly teach Hula-Hooping workshops at schools across most of England. Please see my video below for more information. The Ultimate Hula Hooping Programme for Schools.

Video not working?  Please use this link instead: My Video

I would be delighted if you could recommend me to your local school to help their children get more exercise, become fitter, and help tackle obesity.

More information can be found here: Hooping4schools

I am also a representative for Vi-UK, the great new way to lose weight, get fitter, build muscle and more. Body By Vi UK

About John Parnell

I have had a varied career, from Apprentice Electrician, factory maintenance, through repairing electric fork lift trucks, and then onto working with computers both in hardware and software and eventually taking a role as Senior Technical Trainer and Instructional Designer for a world-wide company.

After being made redundant at the age of 55 I decided to start my own business.

I am now using my previously honed training skills to pass on skills to adults and children through various workshop sessions.

I am also involved in a number of MLM opportunities bringing in residual income, mainly Momentis with Mrejuvinate, Atlantis Games - On-demand PC Gaming, and more.

I am well known for my prowess with a Hula Hoop, and as a Juggler, Stilt-Walker, Unicyclist and more...