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Andrew Mogford
Kandy Solutions Ltd

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  • Database development
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Property Maintenance Database Systems
  • Travel Industry
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Kandy Solutions are bespoke software developers. We are able to provide software solutions for a wide variety of business needs.
We specialise in database and reporting systems, but have a wide experience in both technology and solution types.

We are able to design and build new database systems, and also support legacy systems.

Experienced in these sectors:

  • Stock Market - Analysis
  • HR
  • Stock Market
  • Automotive Manufacture
  • Financial Services
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Warehousing
  • Public Sector
  • and others....


Data Cleaning

We also offer a complete data cleaning service. Using our data base experience we are able to take your contact database, update it, and merge the results back into your system. We can do this quickly and efficiently.


About Andrew Mogford

Kandy Solutions Ltd was formed in 1998 by Andrew Mogford, who has been creating software since the 1980s.

Currently, Kandy Solutions consists of Andrew Mogford, Edward Gwernan-Jones and Caroline Higgs.

We create bespoke database systems and have done so for a variety of business sectors and system types. We also offering existing systems which we have created and we can serve as platforms which can be adapted to client's precise needs. We are specialists in Microsoft technologies, especially SQL Server.

In the last few years we have developed a number of hybrid systems, with data in the cloud (on Microsoft SQL Azure) and desktop applications,

These platforms include:

  • Field engineer systems
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Travel CRM