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Chrissie Metcalfe
The award winning CM Recruitment Ltd

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14th Oct 2010
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What I Do
  • Professional Recruitment Services
  • CV Service
  • Interview Advice for business's and individual's
  • Help with assesment centre's
  • Fee's to match your business budget
My Company Information

We recruit office based staff temp and permanent and the other arm to our business is event recruitment (Bar Staff etc)

What we do is simple and very effective as we work with you from the point of the vacancy being identified right through to the job offer going out.
We take all of the hassle and risk out of recruitment
With over 15 years of recruitment and interviewing experience and fees that are affordable,  corporate companies and SME’s can save time and money from using our services.
As part of the service we manage the whole recruitment process for you, taking away the administrative burden of collating CVs, responding to candidates and arranging interviews.
What we do :

  • Job description / construction
  • Create a recruitment advert
  • Handle all candidate applications and responses
  • Conduct telephone interviews with all applicants
  • Only send appropriate candidates
  • Check all candidates are legal to work in the UK
  • Face to face interview every candidate
  • Match the job skills as well as the candidate personality for each individual role
  • Help you choose top candidates for an interview short list
  • Arrange interviews on your behalf
  • Attend and assist with the interviewing
  • Handle all administration for successful and unsuccessful candidates

 We ensure that your company image is well represented throughout the process with all interactions with potential candidates being polite, professional and courteous.
Recruitment should be affordable and burden free and that is exactly what we provide.
Get the right person the first time and keep them for a long time!
Call Chrissie on 0113 887 3786

Do you need a member of staff either temporary or permanent but can’t afford or don’t need a full recruitment agency service?

At CM Recruitment Ltd we offer a service with a difference

We can write and post your advert on a top job board and our website for 6 weeks £375 plus VAT

If you would like us to telephone interview candidates for you 

Would you like us to attend the interview? 

We also offer a package that includes all of the above

We do offer a full recruitment service and prices are available upon consultation.

Want to know more?

Contact The Award winning CM Recruitment Ltd 0113 887 3786


Hope to hear from you and good luck with your business x

About Chrissie Metcalfe

Well,  where do I start,

My name is Chrissie Metcalfe, I was Chrissie Rowley before I was married.

I started life living in St helens did some modeling in my late teens.  After a serious car accident (10 days from signing a contract with a leading hair product company)  I begin to loose my figure as I was then told I have developed a condition called PCOS that amongst many other issues cause weight gain and made it very difficult to loose any, so Glamour modeling was no longer for me.

I went to colleage to gain a business NVQ and then worked in various temporary roles until I ended up working at Xerox as a planning manager.  after working for Xerox for 5 years and meeting my husband I was made redundant.  As my husband was living in Leeds I moved across to Leeds to be with him.

I worked for HSBC for 12 months but had always wanted to get into recruitment.  I pushed and pushed and did everything I could to get into the industry but found myself constantly being knocked back.  Eventually I asked to speak to the manager of a global recruitment agency and TOLD them that they needed to interview me as they were looking for a new member of staff but wanted someone experienced.

I explained that I had no recruitment experience but that because of my personal qualities and the fact that I had been on the other side of the desk as a temp I knew I would be the best person for the job. 

Yes you guessed it I got the job....

I was then headhunted by two other agencies and I was at the top of my career in January 2008 when asked to open a new company with my manager.

I was the happiest I could have ever been,  I had the best job ever, I had the most wonderful husband,  I was ridiculously happy.


March 2008, I was rushed to hospital with DVT in my leg!!!!! obviously I am fine.

October 2008 My husband text me at work to say that he was leaving me!!!!  I had no idea that there was anything wrong so it was a total shock.  He left, changed his phone number, and nobody knew where he was.  I was devistated.  I was later told about an affair!!!!! say no more.. I have still not seen or heard from him since......

December 2008, I lost my job because my performance was awful

Jan 2009, A previous company asked me to come back to work for them,, phew!!

Feb 2009, They made people redundant,  yes I was one of them

March 2009, The new company said that the had made a mistake in letting me go so gave me my job back,  phew!!!

October 2009, They shut all the offices and yes.. I was finished AGAIN.

Ok so, all this time I am going through the worst , most expensive divorce known to man!!!!!!!!!!!

Then ..

March 2010,  The same previous company said, we want you back,  so I went back and was starting to build my life up again.

By this time,  my now ex had managed to take everything from me, including my house.   The one thing he couldnt take was my amazing support network of friends and family...  oh and my pride and dignity...


22nd September 2010,  I was put out of work for the fourth time.


I was sick of the way I had been treated over the last 2 years so I was home at 9.30am on 22nd September and by 1pm the same day I was sat with a web designer. I also knew that I could be different from most recruitment agencies as I was also fed up of how they would treat business and candidates as if they were just numbers.

That day Chrissie Metcalfe recruitment Ltd was born.  I spent the next few months preparing my business, speaking to new clients, getting my business cards,  joining 4 N ect and I officially launched and placed my first candidate in January 2011.

Since then my business is attracting more and more attention,  I have alot of work to do to get my business to the level I want it to be at, but with my drive,enthusiasum, determination and the support of my amazing parents and 4Networking I know I will be very succesful.

I have had the worst time of my life over the last few years and I lost more or less everything, but I am a tough Merseyside girl  and I have come out of it a strong business woman with a brilliant network of people around me. 

Look out for me when I become business woman of the year, and not just this year, every year.

As my nan always said "whats for you won't go by you" 

I believe you nan..........  I really do


UPDATE....... Dec 2011

I am a finalist in the Goole and Howdenshire Business awards in the new business of the Year 2011 category!!! find out on the 1st of March if I have won.

How exciting

New update June 2012

I won the New business of the Year award at the Goole and Howdenshire Business Excellence awards. I have also been on ridings FM numerous times to talk about CV tips and about awards.

Finalist in the New Business of the year catagory at the Wakefield District Business Awards. I didnt win but to be a finalist was amazing

Jan 2013

I have a fantastic member of staff on board, her name is Hayley Rogers and she is brilliant, she is helping me build our fantastic business.

Update Feb 2013

Finalists for "Innovative Business of the Year excellence award" at the Goole and Howdenshire Business excellence awards.

 July 2014

Well what can I say, a few changes so far this year. One of them being the departure of Hayley Rogers from Chrissie Metcalfe Recruitment Ltd. 

I have the gorgeous ane very organised Helen Kaye working with me who is turning into my right arm!! She knows how rubbish I am at admin and is stepping in to make the business even stronger than before.

We were also finalist for Service Sector of the Year Business Excellence award in March 2014 and have won a UK Small Bussiness of the year award in the Scoot Headline awards which recognises us as a National Business Leader!!!

What an honour!! UK!!! wow.

Watch this space for the exciting things planned for the rest of 2014. whoop!!!!

New Update Feb 2015

What a great year 2014 turned out to be and 2015 is getting more exciting by the minute.

Helen is definatley turned into the back bone of Chrissie Metcalfe Recruitment Ltd and we have some great plans for her future career with the business.

We also have a great new addition who is helping us out at the moment.  His name is Lee and he is supporting us with all the work needed to run the First Direct account.

We were a finanalist for Small Business of the year excellence award and attended a fab evening on friday 20th Feb. It didnt matter that we didnt win as to be one of three finalist out of so many businesses is a great achievement for us.!!

Lots of new things happening right now, including a part recruitment service and our installment service as well as our training packages.

So watch this space..............................


September 2016 update

Wow!! what a year of change 2015-now has been.  

Another two awards under our belt!!! and we also recruit for event staff now!!! wow!!

Helen is now a mum for the second time and back from Maturnity leave and Lee got himself the job he always wanted!!!!! Gemma came and left us as recruitment obviously wasnt for her and she wanted to concentrate on her family so we wish her lots and lots of luck for the future, and I got engaged to my gorgeous superhero and best friend Richie .. awwwwww.

We have also moved!!! we are based in Morley and is it the best move we ever made,  over the past 6 weeks the business has transformed and we not only look after office based role but we also cover events with bar staff, wating on staff and kitchen porters!!!!!  We staffed part of the grand National and Ladies day at Aintree which was amazing!!!! and we have some very exciting meetings coming up to expand this part of the business.

Our part recruitment service has gone mental and all in all the last few months I havent stopped smiling!!!!!  whoop whoop!!!

keep watching this space as we move into our 7th year in Business.!!!