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Affordable internet marketing tailored to your needs.

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About Trevor Dumbleton

I did a Business Studies degree in Sheffield back before they were fashionable (it was only the second year they'd run it). One term, we had an hour a week teaching us about computing and I got hooked on it, starting with a Video Genie, moving up to a ZX Spectrum, then an Amstrad PCW and finally a "real" computer with a whole 40Mb of hard disk space.

I've been on the internet since 1995 (the same year Amazon and eBay launched and way before Google was born)and have seen a lot of changes since then. I do my best to keep on top of as many of those changes as possible.

I started my first internet company with a friend back in 1995 and was bought out of it a few years ago but still help it keep high up in the travel results.

Most of my recent internet activity has been promoting affiliate products and helping other people to promote their own sites with what could loosely be called search engine optimisation. In practice, this means checking the basics are right followed by continuous efforts to keep inbound links flowing and, for relaxation, checking nothing has broken in the process. The same basics apply now as they did when I started but it takes longer for results to show up unless you're prepared to pay Google to appear in the sponsored results (not my field but I know enough to be able to tell you whether you're about to get ripped off or not).

I run a successful Scout Troop in Cheltenham looking after around 20 Scouts (age 10 - 14) on a weekly basis and taking them camping in the summer where they do all sorts of adventurous activities as well as learn how to cook on wood fires and other essential skills.