Richard Shaul (Chandlers)

Richard Shaul (Chandlers)

Location: Camden
Left QuoteWe provide taxation and accounting solutions to owner managed businesses and personal tax clients in London. Right Quote
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Last online 22nd Aug 2014
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Small Business Specialist
Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor
Tax planning
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I am a Chartered Accountant with over 30 years’ experience working in general practice in the UK. I use the qualifications, skills and experience gained to help SME's through a range of accounting, taxation, and business advisory services. These services include back office (day to day accounting, VAT), management accounting, statutory accounts, startups (business plans, projections), tax compliance and tax planning both personal and business

As well as helping new businesses to get started, which is often challenging, I work with existing businesses at all stages of their life cycle.

A lot of business people think their accountant lives in a different world to them. We deal primarily with numbers, don't we? Well to some extent yes, but in reality we deal with people and they are all unique.

My clients are a general mix but there is a strong focus on services and healthcare.

Why use a Chartered Accountant?

Because we must undertake a period of at least three years training authorised by ICAEW and pass rigorous examinations embracing financial management, financial reporting, auditing, business analysis and strategy, and taxation.

OK I admit I didn't take my exams yesterday! but all members must comply with ICAEW’s scheme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), ensuring that their knowledge and skills are kept up to date. the ICAEW scheme of Practice Assurance gives members in practice a framework of quality assurance principles to help them assess and develop their own practices.

Chartered accountants who offer accountancy services to the public must have professional indemnity insurance with an approved insurer. Firms must have a complaints procedure but ICAEW can become involved if necessary.

Knowing that members have undertaken a rigorous training regime and have rules to follow and a reputation to live up to means you can rely on the advice you get from them.

Find out more about what Chartered Accountants offer SME's @

Make sure your accountant is qualified. You wouldn't go to an unqualfied doctor would you?


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