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AVLution is the audio visual solutions company with unrivalled expertise and years of experience in commercial and residential installation, digital signage, site surveys, consultancy, and also project management.
Headed up by Jai Auguste, who has experience in the audio visual installation industry that dates back to 1992, AV-Lution specialises in digital signage and audio visual installation. Specialising in the installation and supply of audio visual technology, AV-Lution can offer technology that includes: large screens, home cinema, integrated systems, and projectors. To date, the experts behind AV-Lution have provided television installation to over 900 UK-based bars and clubs, as well as to 97 of the country's top universities.
AV-Lution is strictly an audio visual solutions business, not a sales company, and this distinction allows it to have a determined focus on working to a budget while identifying and installing the right technology for each project, whether it's television installation or digital signage.
About Jai Auguste

AV-Lution is headed up by Jai Auguste, and his experience in the audio visual installation industry dates back to 1992. Since then his expertise has been headhunted twice, he's been an instrumental player in the development of television and gig LED lighting in America, and he's found the time to set up his own successful business, AV-Lution. AV-Lution specialises in digital signage and audio visual installation.

In his career so far, Jai's work has ranged from setting up events for bands from the Rolling Stones to the Prodigy to residential installation work at the home of supermodel Kate Moss, and from wiring up the famous Christmas lights at Liberty in London to working on a high-profile screen project at Leeds University student union.