Paul Cornish (Photography by Paul and Jacs)

Paul Cornish (Photography by Paul and Jacs)

Location: Cardiff
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Left QuotePhotography by Paul and Jacs. Portrait, Boudoir, Fashion and Wedding photographers.Right Quote
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Member No 53445
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Photography by Paul and Jacs are a professional team who love photography and the fact that an image can say so much.

It’s been written time after time that a picture paints a thousand words! It’s their aim that any image we produce is evocative of the subject, whether capturing a lifestyle, a mood, the precision of an instrument or the thought behind the technology. They are dedicated to the encapsulation of an emotion that drives someone to pick up the phone and call you.

If you want people to see the essence of your beliefs, the feeling behind the product, the conviction behind the brand, call Paul and Jacs to make it happen.

About Paul Cornish

From the age of 13, more than 10 years ago, I had a passion for photography, iconic imagery and the dream behind the scene.  Now a few years on, I create the scene to evoke the dream.

To get here, I went through a lifetime of working in the IT industry as a programmer, analyst, consutlant and the Busines Process Re-engineering guru for HP.  I did well, I am proud of my  achievments.

Now though, I have taken on the mantle of producing what I love.  It's not about the money, the high flying lifestyle, it's about capturing the essence of the human in front of me.  I LOVE this.  I love my role, the thought process, the actual process and the magical end results we can produce.

Check out what I do, and if you have any questions about what makes a good or bad photograph, let's have a chat over a coffee at our Studio in Cardiff.

See you there,

Paul Cornish