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LinkedIn Unlocker for those business owners who have no idea where to start on LinkedIn and once started clueless with what to do next...

Probably you then?

► Are the only warm leads you see the ones coming out of the back of your PC?

► Do you struggle with how to use LinkedIn?

► Bored and overwhelmed with all the digital stuff you are supposed to know to run a business?

► Hate doing any research and loathe picking this up? ► ☎️

► Maybe you are juggling running a business with growing a business?

Here to help with this, you know why?

It used to be me too...had no idea what to do so taught myself and 5 years later I am still helping business owners get the best from LinkedIn.

♦ Who the hell am I you're asking?

For starters heres my LinkedIn Profile with 136 Recommendations

Worked with a ton of 4Ners and small business owners up and down the country, been there and done that.

Have been in 4N for the last 5 years, crikey scaring myself now..

What We Do To Help You.

Unlock your LinkedIn to get you generating leads, simple.

Alkso use clever searching of Google and the main social media platforms..Linkedin,Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ Pinterest, Blogs

Most people simply do not Tune into the opportunities that social media and Google are shovelling at them all day long.. I help you tap into the noise and go direct to the need..finding people who are talking about needing your services.

What I deliver

♦ LinkedIn training

♦ Hand holding, there with you to use the LinkedIn training to generate leads and help you get appointments

♦ Help with Research and use of the dreaded Telephone...yes that thing on the end of your desk you pick up to oder lunch from...☺

Get in contact if you fancy a natter and connect on LinkedIn 


We can be contacted on 01442 876 038 or my mobile 07708343341


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About Angus Grady

I spent many a happy year working in advertising agencies in London running Knowledge Departments, information and research in old money...and I loved it

My role was on the research side which is why I so enjoy all things LinkedIn and social media, it's all come full circle.

This was very enjoyable and hard work which gave me the understanding and tools to feel that I could get out there and apply some of that learning in a practical straight-forward format.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with a range of companies from differing market sectors keeping things nice and interesting.

Berkhamsted based and lucky to be married to one of the most gorgeous, patient and tolerant women on the planet...I'm not sure that I could have put up with me for so long...

I still think I'm 18 and often blame the slope of the paths for my lack of running speed.Love to keep fit and run half marathons which I will probably give up as what used to be a pleasant few hours is now turning into a whole day out...

Totally optimistic about everything and do try to get the best out of situations and very much enjoy the 4N Buzz

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