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Neil D'Silva (Ultim8 Nutrition and Wellness)
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Last online 28th May 2015
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Nutrition and Weight Management Consultant
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Ulitm8 Wellness is a Holistic wellness practice specialising in Nutrition but also all other aspects of wellness, particularly looking at overall lifestyle, with regards to living life at your absolute best and being able to do all you wish to do easily and without restriction, when evaluating clients we look at diet of course but also the way you eat, how, when and where. we look at hydration, fitness and exercise, sleep patterns.  We also look at other aspects of wellness ie spiritual, emotional and structural and although our skills in these areas are limited we have a number of other practices we trust and can refer people in need to.

As part of our Nutritional expertise we offer Allergy and Intolerancy testing, we send hair samples to a Lab for analysis and can have them tested for up to 400 plus different things including a vitamin and mineral profile.  We have 3 different testing packages on offer for you to chose from, so if you know there is something in your diet or enviroment that is upsetting you this is idea being able to pin point specific allergens and eliminate them from your life can have a massive effect on your wellbeing.  Contact us for more indepth info, we also have a web page in development specifically for this aspect of what Ultim8 Wellness offers.

Ultim8 Wellness is Powered by Herbalife we are Independent Herbalife Distributors and highly recommend there products, see below for more info about Herbalife them selves. 

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About Neil D'Silva

After spending a number of years in my early 20's as a Bank Manager, at 22 I decided that a change of career was in order and in 1994 I managed to break into the advertising and marketing industry as a humble newspaper executive.

My career progessed in 1995, 1997 and 1999 when I chose to work with a number of different advertising agencies - each time gaining new additions to my already substantial skill-set.

In 2002 I became the Marketing Director for a national brand, controlling the entire budget and marketing mix for locations up and down the country.

2004 brought new challenges, when I chose to take my Marketing Director skills back into the realm of Marketing Agencies. I joined a Marketing Agency as an Account Executive, and within 6 months was appointed as Managing Director.

In 2006 came my biggest challenge up to that point - setting up and starting my own Marketing Agency. After gaining a huge spectrum of experience in the preceding 12 years, I felt it was time to make the move and 'do my own thing.'

In addition to running Marketing and Media Works (, a full service marketing agency, I am a trained and qualified as a Nutritionist and in conjunction with Herbalife, run my own nutriton company and wellness centre in Ashford, Kent