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Lawrence Leighton
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R and D Specialists (RDS Ltd) is focussed on helping UK businesses identify and claim 130% enhanced tax relief on all associated Research & Development (R&D) costs.

We bring a huge range of business experience across multiple sectors.  Our professional team are passionate about helping businesses to access all the R&D tax benefits available and although we have a process we can apply to any business in any sector, we pride ourselves on our personal touch to every client.

Many businesses either don’t realise they could be claiming back tax credits for the R&D they carry out, or don’t understand the process of receiving a tax credit.

Our professional R&D experts can quickly and simply identify all the costs you could claim and ensure you receive this benefit within a typical 8-10 week period.

We welcome the opportunity to have an initial conversation with any business who thinks they may be eligible and who would like to know more.

About Lawrence Leighton

Hi I am a married man with two children and  young at heart. I have been in retailing for many years with Companies such as Thorn -Emi, Debenhams, British Telecom but have come out of that as it became monotonous and now with a Building Maintence manufacturer in full time capacity. In my spare time I am a distributor for myshoppinggenie and love it to bits.


I play tennis and love snooker whenever I can. My wife and I love jetting off to holiday destinations and we go to our appartments in Turkey and Spain.

Anyone wanting hols?