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Sarah Eden
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  • Help small businesses reach their target markets
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Tangible Marketing works with small and medium sized companies to build strong marketing strategis to deliver business growth. Nowadays you don't need to spend as much on marketing but you will reap the benefits if you invest a little in the elements that underpin your marketing.

To lay solid marketing foundations we start by working on key areas, including

  1. Who you should be targeting to grow your business?
  2. What are your competitors offering & what are their strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Developing your unique selling proposition. How you will stand out by telling your target customers why they should choose you over everybody else.
  4.  What you want to achieve & how you are going to achieve this

With solid foundations we are then able to develop an effective marketing strategy and plan

  1. Making every penny make a difference
  2. Utilsing the best methods to achieve maximum growth e.g. digital, PR, direct mail, press advertising etc..

Please call Tangible Marketing on 07814 453151. Alternatively please email us at

About Sarah Eden

I set up Tangible Marketing after 20 years' experience working in marketing on many of the UK's well known brands including Hovis, Lyle's Golden Syrup, Sensodyne and Fruit Shoot.

Applying my classic marketing skills to help smaller businesses is what I find particularly rewarding. I enjoy delivering strong results from relatively small budgets.

My experience includes many advertising and PR campaigns, websites and new product launches.

I have a BSc Honours degree in Management Sciences & Marketing. I am also a trained research moderator.