Heather Stewart (Minted Melon Ltd)

Heather Stewart (Minted Melon Ltd)
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Location: Stockport
Left QuoteWeb Design, Marketing and Management. Website designers who will create fun, fresh and fruity websites that are effective, efficient and well designed that don't cost the earth.Right Quote
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Last online 9th Jun 2014
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Web Design, Marketing and Management
Utility Warehouse Discount Club
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Minted Melon Ltd are website designers who will create fun, fresh and fruity cost effective websites to help clients achieve their online objectives.

In today’s difficult economical climate, businesses that are doing well and moving forward are the businesses that are utilising the power of the internet.

We want to be able to offer exciting and functional websites on a relatively small budget for both established and start up businesses alike.

As more people start to use the internet, businesses must have an up to date and fresh web presence; and to be competitive businesses must have an effective and efficient website.


About Heather Stewart

Hi! I'm Heather, Creative Director for Minted Melon Ltd. My role within the business is the design and customer side. I use my design skills to create a bespoke design tailored just for you. I graduated from Huddersfield University, where I studied Illustration. My degree helped me develop and shape my style, in preperation for the big, wide world of the design industry.

I have had a passion for design since I could first hold a pencil. My skills range from hand drawn pencil and paint, to computer based, using Photoshop and Illustrator. I am very maticulous and I am very passionate about creating something from nothing!

I have had over 8 years of customer service experience and with this, I deal with all clients in the same professional manner, no matter how big or small. I am an avid networker as I love talking!! So listen out for me..