Susi Ibelati (Minding the Gap)

Susi Ibelati (Minding the Gap)
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Location: Crowborough
Left QuoteFreelance Copywriter. Copy for websites, strap lines for ad campaigns, text for brochures and newsletters. Never lost for words! Right Quote
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Bussroot is an award winning design agency. Well versed in the art of design and with a real love for what we do, we want to create just the right image for your company. We achieve this by listening to you, understanding what you're all about and employing a strategy that is perfectly suited to you. With this philosophy we have been the creative force behind our clients being award winners too.

About Susi Ibelati

Having had an colourful career in marketing and brand development, primarily in the fashion industry and then later in music event promotion, with artists such as Simply Red, Courtney Pine and Katherine Jenkins, eventually a life in the sun beckoned. My flat sold and bags packed, I settled in the wonderful Jalon Valley in the province of Valencia. I spent the first 6 months of 2002 renovating my village house, well over budget and over-optimistic on the timescale, flitting backwards and forwards to the UK on various event projects and catching up with friends and family. I then met 'Mr Ibelati'. We were married in the local town hall by a female judge whose second job was working as a cashier in the supermarket in the nearby town. We had to plan our wedding ceremony around her work rota! 

In 2006 we returned to Kent together and in 2007 I joined Bussroot! Over the years since then I've met a multitude of interesting people through business networking and none more so than in the 4N groups. I'm currently on the 4N Edenbridge team as Operations Assistant. Hopefully you'll all get the breakfast that you're expecting on the day! If not, please can we put it down to 'computer error'? That was never an option when I started out in business in 19**!