Jim Callaghan (JC SME Services Ltd)

Jim Callaghan (JC SME Services Ltd)
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Member No 61156
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IT Consultancy
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Do you find the world of IT baffling?
Do you want friendly, impartial advice on how to get the best out of your computer systems?
If you do, please contact me and I can advise and guide you through the complex maze of IT options
About Jim Callaghan

I started my career building aeroplanes at Hawker Siddeley and spent a number of years working in engineering.

The opportunity to try my hand with computers came up, and I've been in IT ever since (over 30 years and rising). I think I've done pretty much everything over the years from operations, systems analysis, programming, application development, project management, product management, product marketing, partner management and the list goes on..... I've worked for small UK companies and large multi-nationals on both sides of the user/vendor divide.

This wide ranging experience and the skills I've gained on the way means I can fully appreciate the IT related issues and problems facing small and medium businesses in today's challenging marketplace. I see my role as taking these problems away from the business and leaving them to concentrate on what they do best.