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About Richard Ambrose

I was one of the first students in the UK to graduate with a degree combining Product Design with Marketing. Each project required research into current buying trends and to identify and target a suitably large segment of the market. 


Still missing a Skill Set

Whilst a good mix, to sell creative ideas, I needed sales experience. So, I served 8 years in one of the toughest sales environments: recruitment. Ready to become a designer, I set up a graphics division, with the aim of placing myself... It just eroded my confidence, seeing how many great designers were looking for work!

Aged 30, I'd had enough. Then I met an ex-farmer from Zimbabwe. He loved the UK! He'd just done an IT course where they also place students in their first I.T. job. He was now a database programmer. I applied for his course. 8 weeks later and £4k lighter I got 92%. I didn't get a placement. I wondered what I'd done...

Then the course organiser rang,
"Want to go on our new 4 week web course ?"
"How about if it's free? " I looked around the shared flat I'd had to move in to...

Whilst other students paid full price, no-one else had any design knowledge! I guess they were panicking, that no-one would hire students, who produced fugly websites.


Right place. Right time.

It was 2000. The weekend of the dot com boom. We learnt 5 new web languages, sometimes at the same time as the lecturer. I loved it. Especially the usability aspect. It came across in my first interview. They hired me. 

I stayed for 3 years, creating websites and writing mailshots, in return for selling their software. Then IT went into recession and I was made redundant.

At this time, someone who used to work for me, from the Graphics recruitment division, got me my first graphic design contract. Originally for 2 weeks, I managed to extend it to 9 months. More graphics work followed, but I was missing web design.

I figured I'd build a web design business, in my spare time. So, in 2006 I started doing shift work. Unfortunately, Internet  Explorer 6 was the only web browser. It had so many bugs to fix, sites couldn't be built quickly enough for the price people were prepared to pay.


Time for a Rethink

With nothing to lose, in 2008 I sold my soul and went on a short course to learn a drag and drop code generator(Dreamweaver). I hated it and told the lecturer. He showed me a book he was reading on the new version of CSS. 

CSS2 separated content from formatting, making it easier to update websites. I was hooked. I bought and began building websites for people on an ad-hoc basis.

On 24th September 2010, I launched Ambrose Designs, full-time. Then the learning really began.