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Having worked with over 2,000 people to develop their ideas for a new business, many of the clients that we currently work with we have known since theses early days.  Because of the strength of the relationships and the trust, they place in us, we are privileged to continue to work with them.

We have a wealth of experience and understand much of the pain that business owners feel. In addition to the training and coaching that we currently offer, we have identified a range of business support services to ease the pressure.

The problem that many entrepreneurs face is that their ambition often exceeds their ability and this can hold them back. They have a vision, they know where they want to get to, but often find themselves to be the least skilled person in the company because their role has changed significantly with the growth of the business.  They are now expected to manage staff, manage finances and be the face of the business. Sometimes, when they experience rapid growth, it is easy for things to get out of control, it can be like a runaway train, and suddenly it’s not so much fun anymore. Time is always a big problem, or rather the lack of it.

Many people realise they need help and turn to a Business Coach but common complaints are:

·         The Coach doesn’t listen

·         Leaves them with an unmanageable ‘to do’ list

·         Doesn’t focus on what is important to the client

·         Use a prescribed method

·         Leaves them feeling challenged and overwhelmed.

We are different.

We aim to, take away some of the pain. We ask our clients what they need and this varies depending on the transferable skills brought to the business. We coach our clients, this helps maintain focus, offers a soundboard and supports the thought process.

We deliver training, skill development, and the opportunity to sit at a table with other like-minded people.

We are now introducing a range of business support services including PR,  social media, and financial control.

Starting a business can be difficult, but the real challenges begin when you try to grow it. Traditionally, business support has focussed on either start-ups or established businesses. 50% of businesses fail in the first five years. I think this is unnecessary, but those who do reach this stage of 5 years plus or exceeding a turnover of 250K, are well placed to continue the journey but would seriously benefit from our help.

I believe that with the right support, from a team who understand what’s needed and work with and for their clients, fully engaging with them, they can get through the pain barrier. They can enjoy being in business and enjoy the lifestyle it can provide.

For those who are ambitious, who visualise themselves at the head of a successful business it is likely they will have encountered some of the issues I have described. we really do have a solution that will help them.

We want to see more people succeed in business, we want to be part of many epic journeys, If you share my passion, or have any ideas, please, let’s talk. Check out our website, get to know us better, like us and most importantly, trust us.

About Kate Wilde

‘To inspire people to start, grow and succeed in business’ is the company strap line and with this comes a real passion for helping people develop their ideas and to build strong sustainable businesses.

My skill set includes:

  • strategic planning
  • supporting the development of Leaders and Managers
  • defining new roles within an organisation
  • skill development
  • successful knowledge transfer

Kate has worked with many owner/managers, M.D.'s and senior management teams in a variety of sectors including: Marine Engineering, Construction, Retail and Design & Print.

In 2012 Kate published her first book 'A Journey into Business'  a guide for people who are new to business - available from Amazon

Kate has worked with over two thousand people, helping them to get started in business and has achieved the following awards:

  • 2008 Enterprising Womens Award for ‘Best Business Supporter’
  • 2006 Institute of Business Advisers Award for’ Innovative use of Advisory Skills’